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    Three artistic references are hidden throughout this record...
    -One concerns a popular action oriented anime.
    -One a major musical influence of mine who is also a solo artist.
    -Lastly, mimicry of a sound effect made by a certain video game character.
    Whosoever is able to find these references will win $300, as well as a signed physical copy of the EP! Good luck everyone, enjoy the challenge.

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A dark foray into the reality that we must all face...


released May 1, 2017

All music written, arranged, and performed by Schuyler Gomer.
Cover art by Jim Murphy.
Single artwork by Molly Kaminsky.

Recorded at Gremlen Studios in Aurora, IL by Sam Beckley.

Thank you to all of my friends, family, and fans for the unrelenting support. I would be nowhere without all of you!



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Track Name: Blissful Abyss
Fully unaware,
Drifting, fading,
No cares.

Blissfully diving into the abyss,
Waiting for a fate I cannot miss.

Flying fast
Falling far,
Leaving internal scars.

Trials and tribulations,
Imbued with utter desolation.

Take part in putting the pieces back together,
Humanity will no longer wait,
The choice must be now or never.

No time to anticipate,
there may be another way...
Track Name: Mental Fragility
Thoughts are frail,
Slipping through my fingers.

Consciously derailed,
No longer do they linger.

Keep me in check,
Don't let me falter.

For in deaths deep pit,
We will be altered.
Track Name: Vouchsafe
The ether is flowing,
Pushing petals up so bright.

Fate is consuming
The last remainder of light.

Share with me now
The tale of your woes

Eternal damnation,
Vouching for your foes.

The tables have turned
You've upset the balance.

All is lost